Pixie Cuts and All That!

I’m a girl that has never really had any type of connection with my hair. I’ve always experimented with its length and never really got upset if the haircut didn’t quite suit me.



As you can see from the above picture, my sad attempt of a pixie cut circa freshman year. Four years later as a senior, I decided on a whim to cut my hair again. Anytime a girl needs change, they always do something with their hair. 2016 was not my year and my hair certainly reflected the changes that I was going through. I started the year off with long blonde hair and then I dyed it back to my natural color and I did the big chop in December.

Now a couple months later I can honestly say I am over it.



Yeah, it’s cute and I get a lot of compliments on it but I miss being able to throw my hair into a bun. I miss my blonde hair and I miss my inches! Since I have curly hair I can’t even say having a pixie cut shortened the time it took me to get ready in the morning. If anything it takes me longer because I have to make sure my hair gets flat or else the curls will get unruly. Because I don’t have long hair, I don’t have anything weighing my curls down and that means my hair can go from 0 to 100 real quick.

In short, I am going to grow my hair out and hopefully I can get it to bob length by May. What I recently have done is cut my hair in the back (unprofessionally…so it might look horrible). Why? Because if not your pixie can become a mullet real quick. If you cut the hair in back of your head shorter and not touch the rest it will allow for your hair to grow somewhat evenly.

Products I Use to Style and Grow Out my Pixie



Tips to Grow Out a Pixie

  • Don’t apply any heat to your hair. (I would only do it maybe once or twice to see the progress)
  • Don’t put any unnecessary chemicals (hair dye, Brazilian blow outs, etc.)
  • Start co-washing (only using conditioner to wash your hair)
  • Drink water

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