Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Palette


Androgyny palette is $45 plus shipping and handling on Jeffree Star Cosmetics website.

I was able to get for $40 flat at IMATs.

I almost didn’t get the palette because of all the negative reviews the palette has been receiving. So I was a bit hesitant…good thing I did end up getting the Androgyny palette because I absolutely love it. So far I’ve only used the shades Frosting, Safe Word, Charm, Deja Vu, Dominatrix, and Fetish. Those shades are pigmented and creamy and easy to work with. The shades do have a lot of kick back but that’s fine because I really don’t mind that at all. Just a few taps to your brush should be able to take off all the excess shadow off. Just from doing finger swatching on my arm, Poison and Swallow, are the only two shadows that are patchy.


First row (left to right): Frosting, Safe Word, Charmed, Deja Vu, and Dominatrix


Second row (left to right): Androgyny, Fetish, Military, Poison, and Swallow

For as random as the colors are, I use this palette almost everytime I apply eyeshadow. You can achieve a full eye look with these shades are just use a couple and pair it with another eyeshadow palette. I even use the shade Frosting as a face highlight.

I honestly cannot wait to use and play with the bottom row more. Other than the two shades, Poison and Swallow, the rest of the palette is pretty solid. Poison and Swallow aren’t bad shadows; you just have to work with them a little bit more, but I’m pretty sure the result will be worth the work.


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