How I Color Correct

Before any color correcting can be achieved, you have to know a little bit about color theory. Don’t worry it’s just the basic principles of color theory and it’s pretty self explanatory. So grab yourself a color wheel or just google one and you should be good to go. Before I continue, I only color correct my hyper-pigmentation (scars) and my under eyes.


So as you can see from my poor attempt at demonstrating how to use a color wheel, I segmented the blues and the oranges. Since I want to cover up my scars and under eyes I would look at the blue/purple region of the color wheel (usually discoloration under the eye is in the blue-ish/purple-y color region) and establish that my scars and under eye area are maybe blue or a mixture of both blue and purple. Once that is established all you have to do is look across from the blues and see the oranges. Because blue and orange are opposite from the color wheel either or will cancel the other color out; hence color correcting 101. If you want to color correct red what would you do? Look across and see that green would cancel out red tones.

I recommend that:

  • light skin tones stick to a lightly pinky/salmon-y color corrector or concealer.
  • light/medium skin tones stick to a light peach color corrector
  • medium skin tones stick to a true peach color corrector
  • dark skin tones can dabble in a true orange color corrector or even a red-orange color corrector.
    • People of color usually will use an orange color corrector for their makeup routine because just using foundation will make their face look ashy (since makeup brands still haven’t figured out how to create foundation shades for people of color -_-)

How I color correct:

  • After I prime my face I use a light peach color corrector and put it underneath my eye and on my spots and scarring.
    • Be careful underneath the eye because you don’t want to  make your under eyes look cakey and crusty and old.
  • I lightly powder over the peach color corrector.
  • Then I apply concealer on top of all of that.
  • Finally, I continue on with my foundation routine and finish up my makeup.

Color correcting is all about trial and error…so during your trial period you might look like an orange or you might have some peach showing through your foundation. Which is why you need to know which shade of color corrector is good for which skin tone.

(TIP: To bypass some steps you can always just use a peach eye shadow or orange; since it’s already a powder you don’t have to powder it down!)

Products I use:

color correctors


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